SmugLoader is a java Swing application for managing a SmugMug account's content: uploading/downloading images, managing categories, subcategories, albums. It uses, as backends, the jSmugAPI wrapper, and the jSmugREST service provider for the REST responses (also created by me).

The products listed above will almost always be on the edge, since they will thrive to support the latest (currently v1.2.2) beta of the SmugMug API. :-) No OAuth for the foreseeable future though...

SmugLoader uses a H2 database for storing data.
WARNING: SmugLoader will not work on Java SE 5 (internal version 1.5).

At least Java SE Runtime Environment 6u10 (1.6.0_10) is required for Windows XP.
At least Java SE Runtime Environment 6u20 (1.6.0_20) is required for Windows Vista, and Windows 7, due to a bug with the icon set in the JFileChooser component, present in the previous versions.
It was tested on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and it worked. Snow Leopard will be the only supported version, because it runs Java SE Runtime Environment 6u20 (1.6.0_10). If there will be many requests, I'll think about providing a special build for older versions of Mac OS (that have Java 5 installed, not older).
It has been developed on Ubuntu Linux too, so it should work on Linux running java 1.6 (Java SE 6).

This site is the presenation of the SmugLoader. The project is hosted at:


The application uses mainly MigLayout for the GUI, and the H2 database for persisting data.