• Up to 40 (subject to raise) concurrent uploads can be set (7 by default) for batch/bulk upload. This type of upload automatically creates the SmugMug structure, based on the folder names. Many root folders can be added, from which the server structure is built. If the depth of the local structure is greater than the SmugMug's one, the local folder names are concatenated for creating albums. Only deep scanning is active right now;
  • Gapless uploads, meaning that a new upload begins, once an ongoing upload reaches the confirmation stage (waiting for the server's response, which can take a while). This saves some valuable time;
  • There is an option to make the albums unlisted, or public by default. But there is also the possibility to change the visibility of an album individualy;
  • The upload queue is presented in a paged table;
  • The images can be hidden upon upload (that is the image can be set to be hidden before the upload will have started) - This is a new feature for SmugMug also;
  • Any image(s) can be removed from the upload queue, before starting the upload;
  • There is feedback on total/uploaded/failed/remaining/in-this-page uploads;
  • Folders, or media files can be added directly to a selected album (in the browser's tree). The application then scans the folder for files, and adds them to the batch upload;
  • Automatically retries to upload files that failed to be uploaded. The attempts are made every 10 seconds;
  • NEW! Duplicates detection (as of beta 4). This can be done globally (site-wide), or per album. The detection can be done only on a subset of albums if wanted.


  • Up to 40 (subject to raise) concurrent downloads can be set (4 by default);
  • All or only selected albums can be downloaded;
  • Multiple selection of Categories/Subcategories/Albums can be added to the batch download;
  • Batch download preview;
  • Can select which sizes to download for images, or/and videos. Each size goes to its own directory. The originals, if selected to be downloaded go to the directory having the album's name;
  • The keywords, and captions are saved in text files having the name <image/video filename>_keywords.txt, <image/video filename>_caption.txt;
  • The download can be resumed if the process has been interrupted.

Anonymous usage

  • Using the application as Anonymous is streamlined;
  • It has the same support for downloading albums/images. The state of the download is recorded per nick name, and due to this, any interrupted download can be resumed;
  • A dialog is offered asking for a password (with hint), if an album is password protected. The passwords are saved for each password protected album, for subsequent use;
  • The download can take place only for one nick name at a time.

User Interface

  • Fast, multithreaded browser. It uses a number of threads twice the number of CPU cores, to fetch the missing thumbnails from SmugMug;
  • The unlisted albums are marked in red in the tree of albums;
  • The password protected albums are marked with a  (padlock) attached to the icon in the tree of albums;
  • The number of images in an album is indicated on the right of the album's name;
  • The hidden images/videos are marked with an  (big fat white H), which appears on the thumbnails;
  • The video files are marked with a  (roll film), which appears on the thumbnails;
  • The custom categories have the icons marked with a  (red dot);
  • The list of albums can be refreshed anytime;
  • The download/upload icon has a red star, if there are unfinished downloads/uploads.


  • The creation/modification of albums is helped by a tabbed dialog, featuring Basics, Look & Feel, Security & Privacy, Social & Printing, Sharpening, Community settings. There might be a few features that are missing, since the SmugMug heroes are continually developing, which is a good thing :-) ;
  • New categories, and subcategories can be created on the Basics tab, in the Album creation/modification dialog;
  • Categories, and subcategories can be deleted.
  • Albums, and images can be deleted;
  • Image replacement and hiding;
  • The database can be compacted, or reset (emptied). The application will restart, if the included launcher is used on first start;
  • In case the connection fails, there is a Reconnect command;
  • Support for multiple SmugMug accounts;
  • Global Backprinting setting;
  • Quick settings can be applied to an album.

Future development

  • Automatically generating the site structure starting from the directory layout on the disk - work mostly done, some refinement is needed, and pop-up menu actions for adding collection not only to the root of SmugMug, but also to a Category/Subcategory/Album;
  • Saving album settings after creating an album is not possible currently. This is planned.
  • Thumbnail Preview of images to be uploaded;
  • Limited scanning (up to n levels) of local files will be available;
  • Albums created during deep scanning will have an option to limit the name size. The application will use some method to alleviate possible name clashes;
  • Image arranging for upload (batch upload);
  • Arranging of existing images;
  • Keywords based navigation;
  • Separation of custom categories;
  • Thumbnails only view in the browser component;
  • The Proxy Settings;

Known issues

  • SmugLoader, and the libraries are work in progress, so take them with a grain of salt.