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 The user can have a preview of the structure to be created on SmugMug.

 The red star indicates that there are unfinished downloads.
A similar star exists for unfinished uploads.
Paged table on the uploads screen
 Anonymous access
In case the connection fails, there is a Reconnect command.
Also the user can connect with a different SmugMug account.

The new Duplicates Detection Policy tab (starting with beta 4)
Global detection setting, with tooltip (starting with beta 4)
Per album detection setting, with tooltip (starting with beta 4)
A subset of albums can be marked for duplicates detection.
The new toggle button is used to view the albums that
have been marked for duplicates detection (starting with beta 4).
The layout with the duplicates detection checkbox (starting with beta 4)
The new icons for Categories and Subcategories (starting with beta 4)